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Brand new studio album!

November 8, 2008

TRANSCENDENCE Singer Ed Hale Recording New Solo Album

The TRANSCENDENCE lead singer/songwriter and guitarist is at it again. Ed Hale is in the studio once again recording 11 new songs for a yet another “new album.” TRANSCENDENCE just released a 14 song rarities collection entitled The City of Lost Children on the Dying Van Gogh record label in September, which featured their September 11th tribute song Rebuild America — the first time the song, recorded in 2001, was officially released for sale to the public. The label has announced that they will be releasing two other new albums – both of new material – All Your Heroes Become Villains and The Great Mistake this year as well. Good news that should finally satisfy frustrated fans since the albums have been completed, hyped, and talked about since late 2006, but were being held up due to various business problems in a constantly changing and challenging industry which has seen CD sales drop dramatically and the closing of Tower Records, many Virgin Music Stores, the bankruptcy of the band’s distributor, and thousands of smaller mom and pop music retailers around the country.

So in predictable untraditional fashion, fans will get THREE new albums by the band in one six month period. It is a sign of the generally confused state of the music business itself at this time. To make matters more confusing the band was almost finished recording the 24 song two-disc set nicknamed “the girls album” (due to all of the songs being about and having girl’s names in the titles) – the actual title being L’intrigue de Femme and Finding Francesca – but the recording of that album was postponed midway through production in 2007 with no word on when they will resume work on it.

So what to do? Evidently, record another album! Less than a week after meeting with Iran President Ahmadinejad during the United Nations General Assembly Meeting, Hale flew down to Miami, Florida to spend five weeks in the studio with fellow TRANSCENDENCE guitarist Fernando Perdomo – who is also playing the role of producer on this one – to record a new solo album set to be released in early 2009. This will be Hale’s first solo album since 1996’s Acoustic in New York.


September 10, 2008

ED HALE & THE TRANSCENDENCE release rarities and outtakes album

Cover of the City of LOST Children designed by Gina Rowland.

Cover of the City of LOST Children by Gina Rowland.

SEVEN YEARS after its recording, rock group TRANSCENDENCE release the September 11th tribute song Rebuild America for sale on a new rare and unreleased tracks collection album entitled The City of Lost Children. The song Rebuild America was recorded in October of 2001 just after the World Trade Center attacks in New York but never officially released. The song was eventually turned into a music video. Now the song is finally being released for sale with all proceeds to benefit September 11th victims’ families through the Robin Hood Foundation. The album also features 13 other rare or never before released tracks from all five of the band’s previous albums.

In anticipation of two new studio albums this year comes first this compilation of unreleased outtakes and rarities from TRANSCENDENCE that offers fans access to many of the band’s most hard to find hidden tracks and studio gems for the first time ever. The City of Lost Children is a compilation of studio outtakes from all five of the band’s officially released albums that spans eight years. The album also includes unreleased favorites such as the R&B flavored Whenever I’m with you — a familiar staple on various MTV shows over the years, and the September 11th tribute song Rebuild America; as well as two Brazilian-classic covers sung in Portuguese when singer Ed Hale was at the peak of his Tropicalismo obsession. From irresistibly catchy commercial pop (Jacquie) to psychedelic alt-rock (Kill the monkey), raw, urgent indie-rock (All is lost) to Beatlesque Brit-pop (Andrea’s Fault) and avant garde experimental instrumentals (Nothing is cohesive part II) The City of Lost Children offers a revealing glimpse behind the curtain of the creative and prolific musical collective known as TRANSCENDENCE with 14 never before released tracks that is sure to be a treasure chest for those who want a to take a deeper look into the ever-eccentric group’s past musical explorations. As diverse and eclectic as the song selection is, fans should find it a special collection that sounds like it could be an album in and of itself. And indeed now it is.

To listen to or download the songs or the whole album on Amazon.comclick here.

To read track by track notes and lyrics, click here.

September 1, 2008

ED HALE & THE TRANSCENDENCE is now on Facebook! Add to your friends!

Fans of the rock group TRANSCENDENCE don’t have to wait for email notifications or news to appear in their favorite music magazines. They can now add the group as a friend to their own Facebook profile to read the latest news, read band member blogs, find out about upcoming live appearances, and be the first to hear new songs weeks before others do through more traditional media. Access to free MP3s every week and the largest selection of TRANSCENDENCE music videos this side of YouTube all without leaving the comfort of your own Facebook profile. News about each member, new album releases, and live performances are automatically updated nightly and free MP3s and music videos are also automatically updated. Fans can also communicate more directly and frequently with the band than ever before. Want to know what axe guitarist Fernando Perdomo used on a particular song? Simply shoot him a Facebook message. There’s a good chance you just might receive a reply within minutes. The members of the band are notoriously addicted to the popular social networking site. Ed Hale and company are harnessing the power of social networking to bring fans closer than ever before. Simply click here to add them to your friends.
July 20, 2008

TRANSCENDENCE bassist Houdaille put together new group, releases single

Roger Houdaille has officially launched his new group Ex Norwegian, hot off the success of his “Ginger, Baby” album under the moniker Father Bloopy. The change of name was due to practical reasons and anticipated the release of their debut single “Something Unreal” on July 21st produced by Fernando Perdomo.

The two-and-half minute pop-rock song has been gaining radio play across the states, even Hawaii! The digital single also marked the first release of the new label formed by Ed Hale & Roger Houdaille, Dying Van Gogh.

Three of the four band members have studied under Miami Beach High Rock Ensemble director Doug Burris, the famed “prof of rock” who teaches music despite being paralyzed from the neck down. And those band members are Roger Houdaille on guitar/vocals, Carolina Souto on bass and Michelle Granados, also on vocals. The fourth member is Arturo Garcia, drummer and undergrad at the University of Miami.

“I’ve been compared to Ray Davies of the Kinks and David Bowie,” Houdaille said. “And now, as the music industry shifts toward a singles market again, we want to contribute to the great, two- to three-minute pop single that epitomized earlier eras.”

As the group’s simple, yet rich sound reaches more listeners, band members are confident America will hear and agree that this band is “Something Unreal.”

The single will be distributed by iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Lala and Shockhound. More info, including song lyrics, can be found on the group’s official website at

July 18, 2008

TRANSCENDENCE guitarist Perdomo busy while band awaits album releases

TRANSCENDENCE guitarist Perdomo leans into a killer riffAll the members of TRANSCENDENCE have been keeping themselves busy while patiently waiting the release of the group’s new CDs. There are three now rumored to be in line to come out this year – including a new rarities and unreleased collection. The band’s drummer Bill Sommer trekked off to the Big Island of Hawaii to voluntour on an organic farm for a month, while singer Ed Hale has been jetting around the globe playing goodwill ambassador and finishing a new book. Bassist Roger Houdaille released his first solo album Ginger Baby under the name Father Bloopy, and guitarist Fernando Perdomo has been burning the candle at both ends musically lending his hands and ears to several projects.

He recently completed composing music for a French short film entitled “Gri-Gri” along with Marc Charioud, and Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Jorge Moreno. The film is the acting debut of superstar rapper Diams. Fernando co wrote and played Guitar, Bass, Moog, and Drums on the theme song “Gang Star”.

Perdomo is also currently producing the English language debut of Moreno — tentatively titled “The Great Tribulation”

Broadway’s Cry Baby star James Snyder’s debut album “L. A. Curse” is out on Lion’s Gate records. Perdomo also lent his talents to this project – playing lead guitar and bass, and arranging the album’s horn parts, and choir parts.

March 30, 2008

TRANSCENDENCE Members Lend a Hand to Newcomer Hilary McRae on Debut CD

If there is one unifying aspect that connects the individually eclectic members of the band TRANSCENDENCE, it is that all the members are passionate music lovers. Not just as creators – whether in TRANSCENDENCE or in their various spin-off solo projects – but also as listeners and fans. They may not always have the same taste or agree on everything musical, but each member is just as obsessed as the next about MUSIC in general. This collective passion seems to transcend all styles, countries, and ages. One may find it perplexing looking in for the first time on a TRANSCENDENCE rehearsal to see the group sitting around a living room floor till dawn surrounded by stacks of CDs, vinyl LPs, and iPods for hours passionately trading quips, anecdotes, and hyperbolic testimonials about “the greatest album of all time” rather than standing around with guitars strapped on running through their own set lists.

This also might explain each individual member’s interest and exploits in the musical projects of so many other artists around the world as well as the band’s own releases. (Two of the band’s members own their own labels to release the music of other artists that they love — Dippy Records and TMG Records, and the band is now forming a new label called Dying Van Gogh Records to add even more artists to their roster.)

At some point in the not too distant past TRANSCENDENCE longtime scene-mate, guitarist/producer/engineer/vocalist/songwriter Zach Ziskin who through the years has acted as everything from guitarist, background vocalist, arranger, producer, and engineer for TRANSCENDENCE discovered a young singer/songwriter named Hilary McRae whose vocals and keyboard playing he almost instantly fell in love with. Ziskin then brought McRae to the attention of TRANSCENDENCE guitarist Fernando Perdomo. [Ziskin mixed the band’s critically acclaimed 2005 CD Nothing is Cohesive and played guitar on most of the songs on the band’s new album All Your Heroes Become Villains.]

Ziskin liked what he heard in the young McRae and so did Perdomo so they agreed to produce and engineer an album for the singer. Perdomo played the basses, many of the guitars, and co-wrote the album closer, “Where Will We Be.” Ziskin as he always does engineered and produced a professional catchy and tasty pop feast of tunes that garnered attention of industry insiders quickly. The rest as they say is history. Ziskin made a few calls. McRae was picked up soon thereafter and her debut album “Through These Walls” is now out on Starbucks Hear Music records. Hilary is on tour this summer opening for Teddy Geiger. Not bad for six months worth of work.

The online pop-culture magazine Pop Culture Madness quoted in a recent review “Luckily, one can find solace in the song Where Will We Be, which is the last track on the album and the only song that was co-written by Hilary McRae and TRANSCENDENCE guitarist Fernando Perdomo. This song fits her voice brilliantly and allows her to bust out and truly satisfy her voice’s distinctive sound and style.”

October 18, 2002

Bassist Roger Houdaille releases new solo album “ALONE AGAIN”

Technically two years in the making, the new Roger Houdaille album was essentially started and finished in a matter of days. This new release brings together a strange but compelling batch of songs, as is the usual case with Houdaille albums.

Collecting songs from various sessions and reworking some previously released material (“Mucho Caliente,” “Caroline”) adds to its variety of work and sonic quality. Guests include The BJ Experience’s BJ & Tropical Barber (Eric Hernandez), DC3’s Fernando Perdomo as well as a rare appearance by dippy artiste Frank Daddy on piano. Featuring a cover of van der Graaf/Peter Hammill’s “people you were going to” and a rare (and perhaps ill-advised) cover of BJ experience’s “Lililililu.” Title ships in slim CD case.

You can buy the album at

Track-by-track commentary by Roger:
1. Problem Stu This one I like sometimes, while other times I wish I hadn’t put it on the album. It is in reality just a demo, and I couldn’t retrack some “questionable” parts due to the missing master tape. First new song I had written in a long time and recorded.
2. Wonder Finally! This song has my full approval. The original demo version (on has its charm but this is the real thing… dig the back up vocals.
3. People You Were Going To Spur of the moment decision to record this song while taping the drum tracks with Fernando Perdomo. The first time I heard this song (Peter Hammill’s 1975 version) I loved it. Then I read the lyrics and loved it more! A truly dark, surreal love song.
4. Foreign Girls I think this is my favorite on the album. I like the backwards guitar work I did and just the chord progressions in general. Very simple yet tricky stuff in there! My type of stuff.
5. Mucho Caliente This one was featured in the Dippy Sampler 2000 in its original form. I have rerecorded the bass and vocal tracks for the CD which has improved in sonic quality as well as performance. Props go out to Eric who played drums… and nailed it! Rocks my toe-socks off (which is hard to do!)
6. You’re The Most Beautifulest Tay In The World Today Like “Mucho Caliente,” this one has the backing track the same as the previously released version (bonus track on disc two of Dancing Days/Morris Is Back CD set). I have a soft spot for this song, really like the C with E on bass intro, reminds me of George Harrison for some reason? First vocals done after heavy medication.
7. Blind Otter Karina Bermudez’s favorite song, and that’s why I chose to re-record it for this album.
8. Caroline Originally “Caroline” then converted to “Savannah” but I changed it back to “Caroline” for this version. I got rid of those thick-ass acoustic guitars too!!
9. Lililililu Personally I don’t like this. However, people tell me they’ll buy the album just for this… so I guess it justifies it’s place as track nine. Showed me that BJ is quite a vocalist to pull this one off and get away.
10. Root Canal A left-over piece by Frank Daddy which I recorded some lead and bass guitar… I love the results. Very moody yet frail, with its bad notes and out-of-tuneness.
11. Monotony I’ll stick my head out and call this my most favorite on the album. Goes by fast. Also the most newest composition on the album. Probably why I like it so.
12. Be Careful What You Wish For Couldn’t have found a more suitable closer! Tight work by Fernando Perdomo and myself. I feel uneasy about the “baby” but I figured it was its mood… cheap.

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