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Brand new studio album!

March 30, 2005

NOTHING IS COHESIVE is receiving rave reviews.

The reviews are starting to come in and its good times in the Transcendence camp. Coming off of last year’s controversially received Sleep with you album, the band’s newest CD NOTHING IS COHESIVE is generating some stellar ink.

“A great album is like a great painting, a great wine, a great movie or a great kiss. It takes your breath away, tickles your senses, steals time and leaves you changed — maybe sad, maybe smiling, anything but indifferent. Nothing Is Cohesive is a great album. It is also one of the most aptly titled discs to cross my desk in many a moon. If you’re looking for 12 variations on the same basic theme, go buy a Nickelback album or something. This is art here folks — diverse, challenging, reckless, brilliant.” — Jason Warburg,

Ed Hale [singer] commented, “…of course we’re happy. We’re more than happy. We’re ecstatic. Because, you know, you never make an album that you don’t think is great. At least not yet. Give us a few years and I’m sure we will… but everytime we make an album and release it, we think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done, or else we wouldn’t release it. So yeah, it’s awesome to read that other people are feeling the same thing we felt about it when we were making it. Especially after Sleep with you where we just got slammed… But with NIC it was just five guys in a garage for four months and we we’re loving every minute of making that CD. That rawness comes through, I mean the fact that we didn’t even have a producer this time out, and honestly I wasn’t sure how it was going to be taken, you know, it isn’t polished up or anything. Fernando [lead guitarist] engineered it for Gods sake! But so far the music is talking more than how professional or commercial it sounds and the peeps are digging it… so… it’s good stuff. We’re really happy.”

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March 15, 2005

Not Lame gives ‘Nothing is Cohesive’ the thumbs up

A recent review by the infamously ultra-picky power-pop connoisseurs record store,, said of the band’s newest release, “ Transcendence’ Nothing is cohesive brings to mind the pomp and glitter sounds that may collide if you merged classic Love `n Rockets, Matthew Sweet and Iggy Pop with David Bowie, T. Rex, World Party, The Thrills, Frank Zappa, even U2 and White Stripes. While that sounds all over the place, it works.” Read the whole review here.

The new album officially hits radio March 28th. To read more reviews click here.

February 6, 2005

New CD Nothing is cohesive released and other news.

Artist name: Transcendence
Album title: Nothing is cohesive

The eclectic modern rock quintet TRANSCENDENCE has been enjoying major radio success across the country with their latest hit single “Superhero Girl,” while bridging the gap between passionate new-rock with an old-school melodic seventies rock. While their over the top electrifying live performances have been taking indie-music audiences by storm, there has been a slow-brewing flurry of anticipation over their soon to be released new CD entitled Nothing is cohesive. The album’s off the cuff schizophrenia has been described as “Radiohead meets Lou Reed or somewhere in between.” The new CD, which the band recorded in a garage studio with no producer on-hand, may be their most honest work to date.

The new CD from the prolific and chameleon-like rockers Transcendence is entitled Nothing is cohesive. A bold and beautiful collection of post-modern garage rockers and lush seventies-style piano ballads that the band recorded in their garage studio just may be their best effort to date. And that says a lot coming from this very prolific and experimental group that features the impassioned vocals of social and political-activist-junkie Ed Hale and the brilliant guitar histrionics of well-known guitar virtuoso Fernando Perdomo. Nothing is cohesive, the band’s third CD, is raw, unrefined, and surges with a musical sensuality that is breathtaking at times. It mixes a variety of classic and modern rock styles in a surprisingly cohesive listen for how far out the band was willing to travel in their sonic explorations to achieve something completely different from last years Sleep with you.

Standout tracks: Somebody kill the DJ, Tomorrow, Caetano, All this is beginning to feel like an ending. Look for a new documentary on the band and their new CD by Journey of Dreams Productions due in the spring.

Nothing is cohesive early reviews:

“The mind-boggling mix summed up by the title cut of their new opus, Nothing is cohesive, is a stunning collision of anthems that cull from Pink Floyd and Supertramp to U2, Coldplay and Radiohead.”
Lee Zimmerman, New Times Magazine

TRANSCENDENCE: Nothing Is Cohesive

CMJ New Music Monthly Magazine

“I’ve seen the future so clear/ Revolution in the air,” sings Transcendence mainman Ed Hale, in his creaking Bono-esque voice on “Revolution In Me.” Filled with pomp, Nothing Is Cohesive, makes the band’s case that the past remains a huge component in the future. Tapping power pop’s greatest sounds, the group combines Jellyfish’s innate melodicism, Queen’s layers of orchestral glitz and enough synthesizers to make John Hughes grin. “Somebody Kill The DJ” (perhaps a lyrical nod to the Smiths), has the best synthesized Star Trek music bed this side of Paramount Pictures. On “Tomorrow,” they play bouncy Paul McCartney-like pianisms that would make Matthew Sweet jealous, including a leg-kicking outro suitable for any Abbey Road knockoff. Though named after the revolutionary Brazilian pop music sensation, “Caetano” neither bossas nor novas. Instead, Hale’s clever verse-chorus sensibilities float over a deep Phil Spector wall of sound. “Caetano” also features Hale channeling the sexuality of his vocal step-fodders, Bono and Michael Hutchence, when he sings, “Now you’re a god, the power to heal from just your singing… Man you are the only man I’d ever make love to, I swear it.”

“Softening” will fuck with your head. It would be interesting to know what was going on in the recording studio when they recorded this? One thing I’ve learned from listening to their albums, is that Ed Hale has a freaking great control of his vocals. Two final observations. “Somebody Kill the DJ” could be tweaked into the single. The other is that you have to credit a band that can somehow fall in-between Zappa and Wings and get away with it.
Jonathan Rosen, JLRADIO.COM

“While all that glitters is typically far from gold, the modern rock group Transcendence gleams a luminescent shade of platinum!”

4 out of 5 stars ****
“Rock & roll from the Paris Hilton set out to lunch, out of time, and unconcerned about anything but their own vanity. It rocks like nothing else out there. Get it.”