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Brand new studio album!

July 18, 2006


A brand new music video is now available for your viewing pleasure for the song “Caetano” from the band’s current album Nothing is Cohesive. Though the song has not turned into THE radio single from the album – that spot has unequivocally gone to the album’s opening number Somebody killed the DJ – the song is often cited by fans as their favorite on the album. Many people have written in asking what Caetano is about. The song is an homage the band wrote to the great Brazilian singing legend Caetano Veloso, who the band lists as a big influence on their music. Although Caetano is not well known in America, he is an absolute legend in Brazil, Europe, and South America.

July 1, 2006

Nothing Is Cohesive Released To Alt-Rock Radio

The latest TRANSCENDENCE CD, NOTHING IS COHESIVE, has just started to hit alt-rock radio stations around the country this week. The new album was the best reviewed album the band put out yet. Increased radio airplay should help the band gain more exposure to new fans. Fueled by the album’s eclectic opening tracks SOMEBODY KILLED THE DJ and I WANNA KNOW YA, the CD is already receiving heavy rotation on many top taste-maker stations. Fans that want to catch the band on their favorite local rock station can check the schedules of the “specialty shows” in their hometowns from the list below. If you want to show the band some support or just request to hear your favorite song from the album on the radio, fans can call the stations. 2004’s heavier SLEEP WITH YOU album climbed up to #23 on the charts. Here’s to NOTHING IS COHESIVE doubling that effort and going all the way to the top. Good luck guys! KACV Amarillo, TX, “Under the Radar” KATT, Oklahoma City, OK, “Spy Radio” KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, “Brave New World” KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, “Morning Becomes Eclectic” KDHX, St Louis, MO, “Juxtaposition” KDLD/Indie 103.1, Los Angeles, CA, “Dead Air” KEXP, Seattle, WA KFMA, Tucson, AZ, “Test Dept” KIWR, Omaha, NE, “New Day Rising” KKUP, San Francisco, CA, “No Pigeonholes” KLLP, Pocatello, ID, “Off the Record” KMBY, Monterrey, CA, “Buzz Cutz” KNRK, Portland, OR, “Bottom Forty” KPFT, Houston, TX “Sound Awake” KPNT, St. Louis, MO, “New Music Sunday” KROQ, Los Angeles, CA “Rodney on the Roq” KS95, Atlantic, IA, “Dirt Road Radio” KSPI, Stillwater, OK, “Rock & Roll Adventure” KTCL, Denver, CO, “Adventure University” KTCZ, Minneapolis, MN, “Freedom Rock” KTEG, Albuquerque, NM, “Underplayed” KUCI, Irvine, CA, “Play It As It Lays” KUPD, Phoenix, AZ, “The Lopsided World of L” KUSF, San Francisco, CA, “Menace’s Attic” KUSF, San Francisco, CA, “Just Another Menace Sunday” KVGS, Las Vegas, NV KXRK, Salt Lake City, UT, “Xposed”/ “O’Brien Public Radio” The Local Show Live, Worldwide RichmondIndieRadio, Worldwide, Worldwide Undiscovered/Clear Channel WRN, Syndicated, “Out of the Box” WARQ, Columbia, SC, “The Eleven O’Clock News” WAVF, Charleston, SC, “The Cutting Edge” WAVF, Charleston, SC, “Critic’s Choice” WBER, Rochester, NY, “First Impressions” WCYY, Portland, ME, “Spinout” WDYL, Richmond, VA, “Under Exposed” WFNX, Boston, MA, “First Contact” WFRD, Hanover, NH, “Uplink” WHRL, Albany, NY, “That New Music Smell” WHTG, Neptune, NJ, “The Underground” WKGB, Binghamton, NY, “Incoming” WKQX, Chicago, IL, “Crash Test Radio” WKZE, Sharon, CT, “Off the Beat-n-Path” WKZQ, Myrtle Beach, SC, “The Flight Test” WLZX, Northampton, MA, “Operation New Noise” Worldspace Satellite Radio, “Aural Fixation”, Worldwide WPGU, Champaign, IL, “Shrink Wrap” WPGU, Champaign, IL, “Off the Record” WPLA, Jacksonville, FL, “Forbidden Planet” WQKL, Ann Arbor, MI, “Left of the Dial” WQKL, Ann Arbor, MI, “Under the Radar” WQKL, Ann Arbor, MI, “Fine Tuning” WQXA, York, PA, “Sunday News” WRZX, Indianapolis, IN, “Hangover Cafe” WSFM, Wilmington, NC, “The Other Side” WXDX, Pittsburgh, PA, “Edge of the X” XM, Satellite Radio, “Radio Unsigned RADAR Report” Yahoo! Music, Worldwide

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September 1, 2005

Nothing is Cohesive gets props from Hellfire Marketing.

Hellfire Marketing (Flaming Lips, Belle and Sebastian, Morcheeba , tortoise) just announced plans to service the new transcendence CD Nothing is cohesive, along with a few others, to its ‘celebrity tastemaker list’ as one of the important and breakthrough CDs of 2005. Congratulations boys!

August 20, 2005

Buying Nothing is Cohesive CD.

We have receiving a lot of emails over the past few weeks on how difficult it is for some people to purchase the Nothing is cohesive CD. A lot of people are complaining that they cannot find it at their local stores. We hear you. We feel for you. We want you to buy the new CD. Trust us. We REALLY want you to buy the new CD. We worked on hard making the album and we want you to like it as much as we do. So here’s the deal. If you go to your local store, big or small, and they don’t have it, you can ask them to order it for you. All stores in the US have a database they can order any nationally distributed CD from. If you don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg, and we don’t blame you, or if you don’t feel like waiting, you can go to or on the Internet and have it delivered right to your door in about two days.

Here’s some inside information in the form of a few notes on ordering online: carries the Nothing is cohesive CD and all the other Transcendence releases, as well as the individual member’s solo releases. Shipping is fast, you can order other cds along with it, and you can even leave comments about the CD so other people can read your thoughts. You can order from them directly or you can get it used usually for a lot less cash. But remember, when you buy a used CD from anywhere, including, the artist and the record label don’t get paid for it. If price is your thing, buying used may be your best bet. Buy it, love it, share it with your friends. We’ll make more. is the premier place online to order indie-music from cool artists from all over the world, including of course Transcendence. The ordering process is easy, the shipping is next to nothing, they ship fast, and the prices are good; usually about ten bucks. They’re also really good at paying the labels and the artists.

If downloading and the iPod is your thing, you can go to the iTunes music stores and purchase the whole album for ten bucks, downloaded onto your computer. Yes we get paid for this and it’s a win-win for everyone. BUT you do not get the artwork or the lyrics. So in essence you aren’t getting the whole package. If you own any past Transcendence releases you know we put a lot into the artwork. So of course we would rather you get the whole package, but if just the songs is what you’re looking for, this may be your fastest route to instant gratification. No matter which way you go, enjoy and thanks for your feedback.

May 4, 2005

Nothing Is Cohesive now playing on college radio in a town near you

Released four weeks ago, the band’s newest disc and third release, NOTHING IS COHESIVE (TMG), hit college radio with a bang, coming in the top twenty most ADDS to rotation for the week of March 28th.

Currently in rotation on over 200 stations and charting on over 35 stations nationwide, big love is coming in from WTCC (#7), WTNU (#10), KSDB (#14), KSVR (#17), WVCW (#14), WRHU (#27) and many more. Highest chart position in the early stage is from M3 Radio in New York (debuted at #2!!! this week)

Thank you M3 radio listeners! Early song favorites are Somebody killed the DJ, I wanna know ya, and Caetano. Thank you to all the stations who are showing early support for the new CD! We know Transcendence has a different sound and we appreciate all the love! Keep on spinning!

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March 30, 2005

NOTHING IS COHESIVE is receiving rave reviews.

The reviews are starting to come in and its good times in the Transcendence camp. Coming off of last year’s controversially received Sleep with you album, the band’s newest CD NOTHING IS COHESIVE is generating some stellar ink.

“A great album is like a great painting, a great wine, a great movie or a great kiss. It takes your breath away, tickles your senses, steals time and leaves you changed — maybe sad, maybe smiling, anything but indifferent. Nothing Is Cohesive is a great album. It is also one of the most aptly titled discs to cross my desk in many a moon. If you’re looking for 12 variations on the same basic theme, go buy a Nickelback album or something. This is art here folks — diverse, challenging, reckless, brilliant.” — Jason Warburg,

Ed Hale [singer] commented, “…of course we’re happy. We’re more than happy. We’re ecstatic. Because, you know, you never make an album that you don’t think is great. At least not yet. Give us a few years and I’m sure we will… but everytime we make an album and release it, we think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done, or else we wouldn’t release it. So yeah, it’s awesome to read that other people are feeling the same thing we felt about it when we were making it. Especially after Sleep with you where we just got slammed… But with NIC it was just five guys in a garage for four months and we we’re loving every minute of making that CD. That rawness comes through, I mean the fact that we didn’t even have a producer this time out, and honestly I wasn’t sure how it was going to be taken, you know, it isn’t polished up or anything. Fernando [lead guitarist] engineered it for Gods sake! But so far the music is talking more than how professional or commercial it sounds and the peeps are digging it… so… it’s good stuff. We’re really happy.”

To read more reviews click here.

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March 28, 2005

Get free Transcendence MP3s from offers a few more songs as downloads from both the band’s SLEEP WITH YOU and NOTHING IS COHESIVE on their website here:

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March 15, 2005

Not Lame gives ‘Nothing is Cohesive’ the thumbs up

A recent review by the infamously ultra-picky power-pop connoisseurs record store,, said of the band’s newest release, “ Transcendence’ Nothing is cohesive brings to mind the pomp and glitter sounds that may collide if you merged classic Love `n Rockets, Matthew Sweet and Iggy Pop with David Bowie, T. Rex, World Party, The Thrills, Frank Zappa, even U2 and White Stripes. While that sounds all over the place, it works.” Read the whole review here.

The new album officially hits radio March 28th. To read more reviews click here.

March 2, 2005

Nothing Is Cohesive is now available in iTunes!

The band’s newest release NOTHING IS COHESIVE is now available for download on the iTunes Music Store. Go here to hear clips and download the full album or individual songs.

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February 15, 2005

Nothing Is Cohesive soon to be available in iTunes.

We have been getting a lot of questions about when the new CD will become available on iTunes. We were told today that it is just days away, so hang on. In the meantime, Nothing is cohesive is available in limited supply at your local music store or online at or and other online retailers. If you are a hardcore iTunes freak as we are all fast becoming, keep checking for it, and remember that the rest of band’s other CDs are already up and available there… feel free to download. We will let you know as soon as NIC is up and ready there. The band also has tons of new merch available for all of you who can’t make it to the shows and who want to show your colors… we really appreciate the high demand for our CDs and merch… thanks for all your patience.

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