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October 8, 2002

Ed Hale to attend Peace March in Washington DC

Ed Hale of the band Ed Hale and the Transcendence just announced that he is going to attend the peace march against the war on Iraq in Washington, DC on Saturday October 26th. There are an expected 500,000 people to attend from all over the country and 250,000 to attend in San Francisco the same day. Due to a hectic work schedule, drummer Ricardo Mazzi will not be able to attend.

“Thinking of heading up to DC for this march against another war with Iraq. Expected to be over half a million show up Saturday. Bringing a guitar and a video camera and being part of it. when I think that we are about to do this and we are all just kind of hanging out living our lives “waiting to see what happens.” I feel kind of sick inside so I figured I will go and invite anyone who wants to come alongÃœit will be more fun that way, if there’s two or three or more of us.

There is a bus leaving from Miami and almost every other city to go there with other people who feel the same way about this. info is below this is pretty cool. Too bad it’s over such a shitty situation. Email me or call me if you want to come bus leaves Friday and we’ll be back by Sunday.

Or if you are somewhere else and want to meet there, cool.

Let’s do it.” Ed

Ed Hale in Washington D.C. during march
Click the photograph above to see more pictures of the event.

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More info at

IN WASHINGTON DC: Rally @ 11 am Constitution Gardens adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial 21st St & Constitution Ave. N.W. **March to the White House**

IN SAN FRANCISCO: Rally @ 11 am Justin Herman Plaza foot of Market St at Embarcadero **March to Civic Center Plaza**

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