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Brand new studio album!

September 1, 2008

ED HALE & THE TRANSCENDENCE is now on Facebook! Add to your friends!

Fans of the rock group TRANSCENDENCE don’t have to wait for email notifications or news to appear in their favorite music magazines. They can now add the group as a friend to their own Facebook profile to read the latest news, read band member blogs, find out about upcoming live appearances, and be the first to hear new songs weeks before others do through more traditional media. Access to free MP3s every week and the largest selection of TRANSCENDENCE music videos this side of YouTube all without leaving the comfort of your own Facebook profile. News about each member, new album releases, and live performances are automatically updated nightly and free MP3s and music videos are also automatically updated. Fans can also communicate more directly and frequently with the band than ever before. Want to know what axe guitarist Fernando Perdomo used on a particular song? Simply shoot him a Facebook message. There’s a good chance you just might receive a reply within minutes. The members of the band are notoriously addicted to the popular social networking site. Ed Hale and company are harnessing the power of social networking to bring fans closer than ever before. Simply click here to add them to your friends.
July 14, 2008


Those lovable eclectic unpredictable and undefinable indie rockers TRANSCENDENCE have just launched a new website. Same great taste and even easier to use with a lot more features. The new website is now a fully dynamic and interactive Web2.0 site that allows a lot more interaction amongst fans and easier communication between fans and the band. Hey, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re already there. If not, you can find the site where it’s always been: www. The official website for the rock band TRANSCENDENCE. The band is keeping the old site up for diehards and nostalgia but will no longer be updating it with the latest. As always if you want to keep up with the latest news and goings on with the band, subscribe with your email address or just grab the RSS Feed and add it to your homepage.

If you’re a Facebook user (and you are right?) look for the band’s official Facebook page and join up to get the latest even faster. Not quite the speed of light, but damn close to it.