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Brand new studio album!

February 2, 2005

The Transcendence Diaries reaches 150,000 readership in February.

Up from a respectable 111,200 readership in late December 2004, the Transcendence Diaries hit a new milestone on February 2nd 2005 – a record 150,183 unique visitors logged in to read the latest adventures of Fishy and the entire cast of characters that make regular appearances in the blog known as the Transcendence Diaries.

The Transcendence Diaries was an experimental project started by Ed Hale and TMG Records art director Eduardo Silva in early 2002. Before the advent of what are now commonly referred to as “blogs,” short for ‘web logs,’ the idea was to post a daily journal for transcendence fans to read the latest in the daily saga of life in a rock and roll band and anything else Ed felt like writing about each day. Soon designer Paula Kobrinsky was enlisted to build a frameset interface that would ensure privacy from pesky search engines — as one may notice, there are no URL address bars in the diaries whatsoever. It is a very unique set-up. This was done deliberately to avoid casual surfers from happening upon the diaries. The Transcendence Diaries are a private affair reserved for Transcendence fans.

The entries have continued to be updated on a daily basis for three years. The Transcendence Diaries now clock in at over 1,100 pages, with over 59,000 separate files having been uploaded between text, graphics, and music files.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time till the infamous Fishy is dragged out into the streets, hung, stoned to death, or burned at the stake for his rebellious and often insane ramblings. But until that time, all is well. Log on now to read what all the fuss is about before it’s too late. And thank you for reading.

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January 14, 2004

The Diaries Are Back!

You asked for it, you got it. After some serious editing, overhaul, and re-design, the Transcendence Diaries are back. Pictures and songs are still being uploaded but the text is all caught up. Talk about blogs! Lets just put it this way… enter at your own risk… TTV takes no responsibility for the content of the diaries and no we don’t have any idea who Fishy is. Click on the Diaries link on the homepage or on The Adventures of Fishy channel. They are both the same now. Happy reading!

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