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March 8, 2000

Ed Hale “The Ambassador” of Transcendence travels to Brazil

Hi everybody! Almost a day and a half of travelling non stop to get here, quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Although I am staying outside a big city (Campinas) I am a good forty five minutes from there. If you look on a map I am about an hour and half away from Sao Paulo —the second biggest city in the world. I was there yesterday with Abigail doing some sightseeing but I was very, very tired. Interesting creations: I am on this trip primarily to learn Portuguese better and to study bossa nova and samba rhythms with music teachers. But on the plane I was surrounded by Argentineans all speaking Spanish.I could have been in Miami! And my Portuguese teacher is Japanese!

Now this is really funny. She was born and raised here but it made me think… Getting used to the food and the different accommodations. There are chickens everywhere. Carnival is about to start. it is a celebration that I don’t think we have anything like in the united states. The whole country closes for five days. Not even a gas station is open. Have to go now. I am going to rent a car! now if that is not frightening I don’t know what is! all my love,

The Ambassador :-)

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