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Brand new studio album!

September 10, 2008

ED HALE & THE TRANSCENDENCE release rarities and outtakes album

Cover of the City of LOST Children designed by Gina Rowland.

Cover of the City of LOST Children by Gina Rowland.

SEVEN YEARS after its recording, rock group TRANSCENDENCE release the September 11th tribute song Rebuild America for sale on a new rare and unreleased tracks collection album entitled The City of Lost Children. The song Rebuild America was recorded in October of 2001 just after the World Trade Center attacks in New York but never officially released. The song was eventually turned into a music video. Now the song is finally being released for sale with all proceeds to benefit September 11th victims’ families through the Robin Hood Foundation. The album also features 13 other rare or never before released tracks from all five of the band’s previous albums.

In anticipation of two new studio albums this year comes first this compilation of unreleased outtakes and rarities from TRANSCENDENCE that offers fans access to many of the band’s most hard to find hidden tracks and studio gems for the first time ever. The City of Lost Children is a compilation of studio outtakes from all five of the band’s officially released albums that spans eight years. The album also includes unreleased favorites such as the R&B flavored Whenever I’m with you — a familiar staple on various MTV shows over the years, and the September 11th tribute song Rebuild America; as well as two Brazilian-classic covers sung in Portuguese when singer Ed Hale was at the peak of his Tropicalismo obsession. From irresistibly catchy commercial pop (Jacquie) to psychedelic alt-rock (Kill the monkey), raw, urgent indie-rock (All is lost) to Beatlesque Brit-pop (Andrea’s Fault) and avant garde experimental instrumentals (Nothing is cohesive part II) The City of Lost Children offers a revealing glimpse behind the curtain of the creative and prolific musical collective known as TRANSCENDENCE with 14 never before released tracks that is sure to be a treasure chest for those who want a to take a deeper look into the ever-eccentric group’s past musical explorations. As diverse and eclectic as the song selection is, fans should find it a special collection that sounds like it could be an album in and of itself. And indeed now it is.

To listen to or download the songs or the whole album on Amazon.comclick here.

To read track by track notes and lyrics, click here.

September 11, 2007

New Music Video for the Never Before Released September 11th Tribute Song “Rebuild America” by TRANSCENDENCE Is Finally Released

On the morning of September 11th, 2001 TRANSCENDENCE singer/guitarist Ed Hale was at a school in Costa Rica when he heard the news. [For more back story, see the “news section” from 2001 of the band’s website] The rest of the band was in the recording studio laying down basic tracks for their new CD — what was to eventually become the Sleep With You album.

To watch the video NOW on YouTube, Go Here:

When flight restrictions were finally lifted, Ed flew back to the States and into the studio to resume work on the album. But first Hale played them a new song he had written the days following the catastrophe on September 11th. The song was called Rebuild America. They quickly recorded the song, each laying down their own tracks one by one and finished the entire song that first night. Because the song did not fit the content or format of the Sleep With You album – for fans familiar with the disc, this is obvious — it wasn’t placed on that CD and was never formally released. Instead it floated around the Internet and sat on the band’s “unreleased songs” page of their website for years.

Interestingly, it was the band’s webmaster G2, while browsing “viewing stats” of the band’s website who noticed that the song was receiving a lot of “clicks” and plays from that page though it had never been released or even publicized that it existed. Another event that propelled the band to actually do something about the never before released track was that they would occasionally receive emails from Fire and Rescue Workers from around the country who wrote to say that they “really liked the song and send their buddies the link to listen to it.”

The most recent email the band received about “Rebuild America” was from first response emergency rescue worker Matthew Tartaglia from Perkasie, PA who worked at the World Trade Center site for two months straight after the attacks. Thank you for your email Matthew. So after six years the band decided it was time to get the song out there, and the fastest way to do that was through YouTube. Why not make it showcase the victims and the heroes through photographs.

Bassist Roger Houdaille commented, “Rebuild America was the first song I ever tracked with TRANSCENDENCE. It didn’t seem to have anything to do with the rest of the songs we were recording at the time like Superhero Girl or Minnie Driver, but I knew Ed was really into us recording it because of what happened and all. I think it’s still one of our strongest tracks so I’m glad that we’re at least putting it out there.”

“The way this song came together was amazing,” stated drummer Ricardo Mazzi, “the cause was much greater than the need of creating music or art, it was larger than that. And we all knew it. The fact we’re talking about 9/11, remembering fallen heroes, calling for unity in our song is an honor to me and I have this band to thank for it. Everyone put their heart and soul in this song and completed their parts rapidly but thoroughly, from the tracking, recording, mixing, and mastering.”

Hale commented, “Rebuild America is a hard song for me now, just because of everything that we have seen come out in the last four or five years since September 11th. It’s hard to know what really happened that day… what we do know is that a lot of innocent Americans died. And you know that’s why we recorded the song. That’s why I wrote it. When you listen to it now you can really hear the optimism of what it felt like those first few days after September 11th. I mean, you can feel the patriotism of the song, which is so different than what we feel in the air now in America. So the song is hard for me now. I was really amazed how the whole country came together those first few months to rebuild. You know? And now with the invasion of Iraq… it’s just hard to know what to feel. I still like the original idea of the song itself. And I like the idea of turning it into a video, just to celebrate how people came together those first few months… and to mourn the loss of the lives of those people who died that day… those were different times… But the song captures that.”

Indeed Rebuild America may be one of the most emotional songs the band ever recorded – every player contributed something unique and passionate and brilliant of their own to the song’s touching and poignant message. The fact that the band is so associated with activism now and the song has such a patriotic feel to it makes it a slight anomaly in their catalogue to be sure. But as the band members freely admit, it was recorded just after the days of 9/11 when the world was a different place and America was in a different place entirely. So for the first time ever they decided to officially release the song as a photographic slide show in honor of the victims and the rescue workers of that momentous time in American history.

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September 21, 2006

Watch the band on youtube on TranscendenceTV — video clips updated daily!!!

To watch an endless stream of video clips of the band TRANSCENDENCE on the road, in the studio, goofing, ranting, raving, jamming, cutting tracks, and general revelry, check out their YouTube channel TranscendenceTV. New clips uploaded daily.

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July 18, 2006


A brand new music video is now available for your viewing pleasure for the song “Caetano” from the band’s current album Nothing is Cohesive. Though the song has not turned into THE radio single from the album – that spot has unequivocally gone to the album’s opening number Somebody killed the DJ – the song is often cited by fans as their favorite on the album. Many people have written in asking what Caetano is about. The song is an homage the band wrote to the great Brazilian singing legend Caetano Veloso, who the band lists as a big influence on their music. Although Caetano is not well known in America, he is an absolute legend in Brazil, Europe, and South America.

June 5, 2005

Everything Is Cohesive: The Documentary.

Last year, Diane Doyle of Journey of Dreams productions followed the guys around with a camera crew for a documentary entitled Everything is cohesive designed to explore the band’s music and history as part of a series of short features they have created.

October 25, 2004


With the flurry of anticipation over their soon to be released new CD, Nothing is Cohesive, and performances at two of the country’s largest indie music festivals, the band found time to sneak into the studio in September to begin recording last week at the infamous Hit Factory/Criteria Studios in Miami for not one but two new Cds to be released next year. Fred Freeman is on board once again in the producer’s seat. Songs tracked included We are Columbine, Jasmine, Messed it up again, Waiting for godot, Solaris, and more.

See a few pictures here.

Here’s a sneak peak.

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October 5, 2004

RISE AND SHINE CD Release Party Footage Released for the first time

The 2002 release of the Rise and shine CD was the official coming out party for Transcendence, being the first Ed Hale related album since 2000’s Acoustic in New York . The video footage of the CD release party was thought to be lost. In fact, the video tapes are still missing, which is too bad, because it was a grand affair. But an 8 minute Rise and shine CD release party video montage that was created in the summer of 2002 by Capsule Media was just recently discovered. It features original band members Stro on bass and Jon Rose on keyboards and a very nervous Ed singing the songs Mother and Tres cool from the rise and shine CD, and also Minnie Driver and Keep moving on from the group’s next CD Sleep with you. The video closes with the band performing Better luck next time at an undisclosed venue.

October 1, 2004

Transcendence Live at Jazid DVD Released!

Transcendende Live at Jazid

On Sept 29th of this year Transcendence performed a live acoustic show at a small club called Jazid on Miami Beach during the MTV VMA weekend. The show was video taped with several cameras and recorded live from the board. What started out as a very low key impromptu show turned out to be a stellar performance with many high notes, including songs from their latest CD Sleep with you and a few songs from their soon to be released new CD Nothing is cohesive, and two additional brand new songs from the new CD they have just begun recording for release next year. Because the concert was acoustic it has a very subdued intensity that is rare for the band and really captures the songs in their purest form. The video footage was edited and the audio then digitally mastered. The DVD is being released as a limited run and will not be sold in stores initially, but through an exclusive arrangement with will be offered FREE with any purchase of one or more of the band’s CDs from You can also get the DVD free by pre-ordering the band’s new CD Nothing is cohesive. Songs on the DVD include Superhero girl, Beautiful one, I’m not the only one, Little Tree, and six more. It also features never before seen footage of the band’s 2002 CD release party for the RISE AND SHINE album, and a interactive discography!

Click here to see a few clips. Buy any Ed Hale or Transcendence CD from and get the Live at Jazid DVD absolutely free. Its that simple. Don’t own them all? Shame on you. But now is your chance. This will be a limited time offer before the DVDs go on sale officially.

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October 13, 1998

Ed Hale performs for Brazilian Minister of Industry

On a recent trip to Brazil to study, Ed Hale performed a solo acoustic show for select guests including the country’s Minister of Industry, in the state of Goaiz. The acoustic set featured 6 songs. Most of the songs came from his 1996 release Acoustic in New York. Also included was a Brazilian classic “Desde que samba e samba”. It is reported that Ed has become so enamored with the music of Brazil, that he is thinking of recording an entire album there. His recent visit to Brazil to study the language of Portuguese and the Brazilian music sensation Samba is a clear indication that his inspiration is now being directed toward the culture of the region. Although the concert was not televised, Ed was interviewed on local television.

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