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Brand new studio album!

August 12, 2004

Superhero girl released as new single.

Superhero girl from the band’s latest CD Sleep with you has just been released as the newest single to commercial alt-rock stations. Already out of the box in its first week stations who have ADDED the song to regular rotation are KCPX Baltimore, MD, WXSR TALLAHASSEE, FL, WDYL RICHMOND, VA, and WHHZ Gainesville, FL.

Check the on the radio page for a full list of stations playing the track in your area.

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July 31, 2004

All CDs and songs are now available on iTunes for digital distribution.

Want a quick fix? The entire catalogue of Transcendence and Ed Hale CDs and songs are now available on for digital download. Most popular downloaded songs are Junkie, Watching Shira cry, Vicodin, and Mother this week.

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April 15, 2004

Sleep with you gets makeover in next pressing

R.I.P. Sleep with you. In for its third pressing, the CD will feature the same front and back cover, but the booklet will change dramatically to make it more “retail/radio friendly.” The song order will also change. If you are one of the lucky owners of the original first two pressings of the Sleep with you CD hang onto it. If you are not and want to own the original, online stores are sold out of it and are now stocking the new version, but many retail stores still have stock of the original.

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April 4, 2004

The Girls EP released

The next single from the Sleep with you CD, “Girls” has been released, entitled the Girls EP. The CD features three tracks, a shorter edited version, sans bad words, of the song; track two is “Superhero Girl.” And track three is the album version of the song.

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February 26, 2004

“Instant Message” features Veronica from Sleep with You

The song Veronica from Sleep With You is being used for the new Crookback Films feature “Instant Message”. The film will premier at the Here and Now Film Festival in Miami on March 6th. for more info:

February 21, 2004

Transcendence featured in New Music Monthly Magazine

Check out the latest issue of CMJ’s New Music Monthly. The song Superhero Girl is featured on this month’s new music CD sampler that comes with the magazine.

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November 8, 2003

Sleep With You Hits Stores Dec. 2nd!

The official release date for the new Transcendence CD Sleep with you to book and record retail stores nationwide will be Tuesday, December 2nd. , just in time for Christmas, says Synergy Distribution. The album is already available at select online stores including and The new album is already charting on over 75 college radio stations and is receiving a strong buzz on Modern Rock stations. Early favs are I’m Not the Only One, Minnie Driver, and Superhero Girl.

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September 10, 2003

SLEEP WITH YOU Available At Limited Locations

Sleep With You” (TMG) is now starting to become available at limited locations around the US. It is starting to hit stores now and select eTailers.

Right now we know for sure it is available for purchase from this website, through, and at It should be available from some time next week. We love of course but the band makes a lot more money if you buy their CDs from the other eTailers listed above ( Other sites like,, and etc. are a few days away. If you prefer to purchase through your local record or book store, give it a few weeks to hit, or go in and pre-order it. The first single Minnie Driver will start hitting radio in a few weeks. More updates soon.

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February 6, 2003

The EDDIE ALBUM is finally available!!!

And now on CD The first Ed Hale album, affectionately called the Eddie Album for years first came out in 1991. Long out of print, TMG Records has re-released it, now digitally remastered, added lyrics, and new bonus tracks. Hear the tracks “You And Me” & “She Says You’re The One.” Click here to buy now!

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January 30, 2003

SLEEP WITH YOU to be released July 1st and Broken Spectacles compilation coming soon

The good news is that the brand new album by Ed Hale and the Transcendence entitled Sleep With You is wrapping up and should be out by late March. As soon as final mixes are available we promise to post one or two tasty morsels for your listening enjoyment here. We are very eager to get your feedback as to which song should be the band’s first single for the new album. So stay tuned.

But for those long time fans and friends there is perhaps even bigger news and a little something to tide you over until then. TMG Records has been working on a compilation of Ed’s work with his first band, the miserably unsuccessful but popular rock group Broken Spectacles. The CD version is not out yet but all of the songs are now available for streaming or for download HERE until the collection hits the streets.

The collection of 55+ songs from this period took three years to compile and is now being prepared for a 3CD compilation called Spectacularly Broken: 1988—1994. There will be no singles released or promoted to radio and a very limited number of albums will be issued of this mammoth bit of self-indulgence.

Highlights include old favorites like “Cawood,” “21 and 17,” “Brother John,” and “Nature boy,” as well as many never before released demo-versions of tracks like “the devil loves rock and roll,” “Alison street,” “my old man,” and “afraid to get in.” It is a very open and honest albeit quirky collection of material indeed, leaving no stone unturned, certainly not for the casual listener.

The compilation also includes several snippets of the Specs being interviewed on various radio shows through the years. And numerous segments of Ed rambling incoherently about matters purely irrelevant into his cassette recorder diaries of the time. An absolute feast for fans and assuredly a nightmare for everyone else. Check out some of the songs and enjoy. We’ll let you know as soon as the album is ready for release. Until then, keep on Transcending!