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Brand new studio album!

October 18, 2011

All Your Heroes Become Villains pre-order on iTunes

Preview and Pre-Order the New Ed Hale and Transcendence album All Your Heroes Become Villains on iTunes or Starting Today!

Watch the trailer for the new All Your Heroes Become Villains album exclusively on YouTube!


Photo Courtesy of Gina Rowland: pictured from left to right are Ricardo Mazzi (drums), Zach Ziskin (guitar), Ed Hale (vocals, guitar), Fernando Perdomo (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Allan Gabay (piano, keyboards), Karen Feldner (background vocals),  Roger Houdaille (bass, vocals), Kamran Green (DJ, Remixer), Leor Manelis (drums)

The new album, All Your Heroes Become Villains, is now available for pre-order on iTunes.
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October 14, 2011


Ed Hale and the TranscendenceAll Your Heroes Become Villains is certainly titled appropriately for the times we live in. Like a shadow of today’s chaotic world, “The Villains album,” due out November 15th on the Dying Van Gogh Record label, is dark, moody and heavy, and yet every now and then it glimmers with hope and those catchy ear-candy melodies that fans of the band have come to love and expect.The collective, which reached up to 12 members during the recording process of their latest, weaves together their trademark post-modern rock meets Brit pop — creating an unforgettable aural soundscape that is larger than life and will leave you humming.

Hale and the band worked for over a year, bringing in other musicians when needed as varied as a gospel singer, a second drummer, a Los Angeles DJ, and various horn players. The result is a mashup of sounds but highly cohesive as an album still recognizable as having “that Transcendence sound.” Haunting melodies, bold sonic experimentation and Hale’s richly layered and impassioned vocals all come together to create a highly memorable and moving listening experience. Sounding more like a rock musical or a concept album, the songs both musically and lyrically tie into one another seamlessly in one cohesively bold brash and powerful listen more akin to Pink Floyd or David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.

June 16, 2009

TRANSCENDENCE singer/songwriter Ed Hale’s New Solo Album Ballad On Third Avenue Released Today!


“Singer-songwriter Ed Hale, best known over the last few years as the lead singer for the Modern Rock/Brit Pop outfit Transcendence – who have scored numerous hit singles on radio, and in films, and television shows over the years – snuck into the recording studio late last year and produced the most personal and intimate album of his career. (With fellow Transcendence guitarist and Dreaming In Stereo frontman Fernando Perdomo playing engineer and co-producer). Rather than further exploring the seventy’s glam rock or indie rock or world music or Brit Pop that the band is famous for, Hale instead turned inward and turned the volume way, way down; creating a surprisingly quiet and simple yet moving and at times haunting acoustic pop album.”

“Gone are the pounding drums, squealing guitars, thumping bass and that Transcendence ‘wall of noise and sound.” Instead the album’s 11 tracks are a sparse and luxuriant tangle of acoustic guitars, pianos, organs, xylophones, lush cello lines, and mellotron flourishes that set a subtle, gorgeous sonic backdrop perfectly fit to back up a lyrically poignant and confessional masterpiece of infinite beauty and tenderness. The majestic acoustic-pop and vulnerable intimacy of Ed Hale’s new album Ballad On Third Avenue will feel right at home to the same crowd that loves the music of Wes Anderson films, Rubber Soul era Beatles, James Blunt, Kings of Convenience, Bright Eyes, David Gray, Simon and Garfunkel, or even Donovan or Nick Drake. From start to finish the deceptively simple collection of songs sucks you in and leaves you moved, smiling, and dreamy-eyed.”

:: To listen to all the songs or buy the CD click here to go to

:: To listen to all the songs or download the album click here to go to the iTunes Music Store.


For more detailed album information, pictures, videos, and all the latest news:
September 10, 2008

ED HALE & THE TRANSCENDENCE release rarities and outtakes album

Cover of the City of LOST Children designed by Gina Rowland.

Cover of the City of LOST Children by Gina Rowland.

SEVEN YEARS after its recording, rock group TRANSCENDENCE release the September 11th tribute song Rebuild America for sale on a new rare and unreleased tracks collection album entitled The City of Lost Children. The song Rebuild America was recorded in October of 2001 just after the World Trade Center attacks in New York but never officially released. The song was eventually turned into a music video. Now the song is finally being released for sale with all proceeds to benefit September 11th victims’ families through the Robin Hood Foundation. The album also features 13 other rare or never before released tracks from all five of the band’s previous albums.

In anticipation of two new studio albums this year comes first this compilation of unreleased outtakes and rarities from TRANSCENDENCE that offers fans access to many of the band’s most hard to find hidden tracks and studio gems for the first time ever. The City of Lost Children is a compilation of studio outtakes from all five of the band’s officially released albums that spans eight years. The album also includes unreleased favorites such as the R&B flavored Whenever I’m with you — a familiar staple on various MTV shows over the years, and the September 11th tribute song Rebuild America; as well as two Brazilian-classic covers sung in Portuguese when singer Ed Hale was at the peak of his Tropicalismo obsession. From irresistibly catchy commercial pop (Jacquie) to psychedelic alt-rock (Kill the monkey), raw, urgent indie-rock (All is lost) to Beatlesque Brit-pop (Andrea’s Fault) and avant garde experimental instrumentals (Nothing is cohesive part II) The City of Lost Children offers a revealing glimpse behind the curtain of the creative and prolific musical collective known as TRANSCENDENCE with 14 never before released tracks that is sure to be a treasure chest for those who want a to take a deeper look into the ever-eccentric group’s past musical explorations. As diverse and eclectic as the song selection is, fans should find it a special collection that sounds like it could be an album in and of itself. And indeed now it is.

To listen to or download the songs or the whole album on Amazon.comclick here.

To read track by track notes and lyrics, click here.

July 20, 2008

TRANSCENDENCE bassist Houdaille put together new group, releases single

Roger Houdaille has officially launched his new group Ex Norwegian, hot off the success of his “Ginger, Baby” album under the moniker Father Bloopy. The change of name was due to practical reasons and anticipated the release of their debut single “Something Unreal” on July 21st produced by Fernando Perdomo.

The two-and-half minute pop-rock song has been gaining radio play across the states, even Hawaii! The digital single also marked the first release of the new label formed by Ed Hale & Roger Houdaille, Dying Van Gogh.

Three of the four band members have studied under Miami Beach High Rock Ensemble director Doug Burris, the famed “prof of rock” who teaches music despite being paralyzed from the neck down. And those band members are Roger Houdaille on guitar/vocals, Carolina Souto on bass and Michelle Granados, also on vocals. The fourth member is Arturo Garcia, drummer and undergrad at the University of Miami.

“I’ve been compared to Ray Davies of the Kinks and David Bowie,” Houdaille said. “And now, as the music industry shifts toward a singles market again, we want to contribute to the great, two- to three-minute pop single that epitomized earlier eras.”

As the group’s simple, yet rich sound reaches more listeners, band members are confident America will hear and agree that this band is “Something Unreal.”

The single will be distributed by iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Lala and Shockhound. More info, including song lyrics, can be found on the group’s official website at

April 9, 2006

Transcendence in studio to complete new album.

TRANSCENDENCE have been holed up in Miami’s Dungeon Recording Studios for the last four weeks putting the finishing touches on their follow-up to last year’s Nothing is Cohesive. Fred Freeman, who produced the band’s 2003 release Sleep with you is in the producer’s role again on this new CD which will be titled All Your Heroes Become Villains. With Freeman behind the board again, the new disc promises to be a tightly-controlled more coherent and heavier sounding collection of songs than the band’s self-produced last release. The eclectic Nothing is Cohesive, which the band recorded in their garage on their own had a seventies pop-rock flair with a wide variety of sounds and textures and earned the band top slots on many college radio stations across the country last spring, rave reviews from the critics, and was called “an important and breakthrough album” by HELLFIRE PROMOTIONS.

So what can we expect from the new album? All Your Heroes Become Villains has a modern harder-edged sound that is dark, heavy, and brooding, with a socio-political bent on several tracks. Freeman says he worked the band members hard, often re-recording the drum and bass tracks four or five times if he had to in order to get the right performances. The album also adds orchestration, a lot more piano, a gospel singer, electric sitar, and the addition of trumpet and trombone to the mix. Mixing has begun on the songs and the album should be out by mid-summer.

August 20, 2005

Buying Nothing is Cohesive CD.

We have receiving a lot of emails over the past few weeks on how difficult it is for some people to purchase the Nothing is cohesive CD. A lot of people are complaining that they cannot find it at their local stores. We hear you. We feel for you. We want you to buy the new CD. Trust us. We REALLY want you to buy the new CD. We worked on hard making the album and we want you to like it as much as we do. So here’s the deal. If you go to your local store, big or small, and they don’t have it, you can ask them to order it for you. All stores in the US have a database they can order any nationally distributed CD from. If you don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg, and we don’t blame you, or if you don’t feel like waiting, you can go to or on the Internet and have it delivered right to your door in about two days.

Here’s some inside information in the form of a few notes on ordering online: carries the Nothing is cohesive CD and all the other Transcendence releases, as well as the individual member’s solo releases. Shipping is fast, you can order other cds along with it, and you can even leave comments about the CD so other people can read your thoughts. You can order from them directly or you can get it used usually for a lot less cash. But remember, when you buy a used CD from anywhere, including, the artist and the record label don’t get paid for it. If price is your thing, buying used may be your best bet. Buy it, love it, share it with your friends. We’ll make more. is the premier place online to order indie-music from cool artists from all over the world, including of course Transcendence. The ordering process is easy, the shipping is next to nothing, they ship fast, and the prices are good; usually about ten bucks. They’re also really good at paying the labels and the artists.

If downloading and the iPod is your thing, you can go to the iTunes music stores and purchase the whole album for ten bucks, downloaded onto your computer. Yes we get paid for this and it’s a win-win for everyone. BUT you do not get the artwork or the lyrics. So in essence you aren’t getting the whole package. If you own any past Transcendence releases you know we put a lot into the artwork. So of course we would rather you get the whole package, but if just the songs is what you’re looking for, this may be your fastest route to instant gratification. No matter which way you go, enjoy and thanks for your feedback.

February 6, 2005

New CD Nothing is cohesive released and other news.

Artist name: Transcendence
Album title: Nothing is cohesive

The eclectic modern rock quintet TRANSCENDENCE has been enjoying major radio success across the country with their latest hit single “Superhero Girl,” while bridging the gap between passionate new-rock with an old-school melodic seventies rock. While their over the top electrifying live performances have been taking indie-music audiences by storm, there has been a slow-brewing flurry of anticipation over their soon to be released new CD entitled Nothing is cohesive. The album’s off the cuff schizophrenia has been described as “Radiohead meets Lou Reed or somewhere in between.” The new CD, which the band recorded in a garage studio with no producer on-hand, may be their most honest work to date.

The new CD from the prolific and chameleon-like rockers Transcendence is entitled Nothing is cohesive. A bold and beautiful collection of post-modern garage rockers and lush seventies-style piano ballads that the band recorded in their garage studio just may be their best effort to date. And that says a lot coming from this very prolific and experimental group that features the impassioned vocals of social and political-activist-junkie Ed Hale and the brilliant guitar histrionics of well-known guitar virtuoso Fernando Perdomo. Nothing is cohesive, the band’s third CD, is raw, unrefined, and surges with a musical sensuality that is breathtaking at times. It mixes a variety of classic and modern rock styles in a surprisingly cohesive listen for how far out the band was willing to travel in their sonic explorations to achieve something completely different from last years Sleep with you.

Standout tracks: Somebody kill the DJ, Tomorrow, Caetano, All this is beginning to feel like an ending. Look for a new documentary on the band and their new CD by Journey of Dreams Productions due in the spring.

Nothing is cohesive early reviews:

“The mind-boggling mix summed up by the title cut of their new opus, Nothing is cohesive, is a stunning collision of anthems that cull from Pink Floyd and Supertramp to U2, Coldplay and Radiohead.”
Lee Zimmerman, New Times Magazine

TRANSCENDENCE: Nothing Is Cohesive

CMJ New Music Monthly Magazine

“I’ve seen the future so clear/ Revolution in the air,” sings Transcendence mainman Ed Hale, in his creaking Bono-esque voice on “Revolution In Me.” Filled with pomp, Nothing Is Cohesive, makes the band’s case that the past remains a huge component in the future. Tapping power pop’s greatest sounds, the group combines Jellyfish’s innate melodicism, Queen’s layers of orchestral glitz and enough synthesizers to make John Hughes grin. “Somebody Kill The DJ” (perhaps a lyrical nod to the Smiths), has the best synthesized Star Trek music bed this side of Paramount Pictures. On “Tomorrow,” they play bouncy Paul McCartney-like pianisms that would make Matthew Sweet jealous, including a leg-kicking outro suitable for any Abbey Road knockoff. Though named after the revolutionary Brazilian pop music sensation, “Caetano” neither bossas nor novas. Instead, Hale’s clever verse-chorus sensibilities float over a deep Phil Spector wall of sound. “Caetano” also features Hale channeling the sexuality of his vocal step-fodders, Bono and Michael Hutchence, when he sings, “Now you’re a god, the power to heal from just your singing… Man you are the only man I’d ever make love to, I swear it.”

“Softening” will fuck with your head. It would be interesting to know what was going on in the recording studio when they recorded this? One thing I’ve learned from listening to their albums, is that Ed Hale has a freaking great control of his vocals. Two final observations. “Somebody Kill the DJ” could be tweaked into the single. The other is that you have to credit a band that can somehow fall in-between Zappa and Wings and get away with it.
Jonathan Rosen, JLRADIO.COM

“While all that glitters is typically far from gold, the modern rock group Transcendence gleams a luminescent shade of platinum!”

4 out of 5 stars ****
“Rock & roll from the Paris Hilton set out to lunch, out of time, and unconcerned about anything but their own vanity. It rocks like nothing else out there. Get it.”

October 5, 2004

RISE AND SHINE CD Release Party Footage Released for the first time

The 2002 release of the Rise and shine CD was the official coming out party for Transcendence, being the first Ed Hale related album since 2000’s Acoustic in New York . The video footage of the CD release party was thought to be lost. In fact, the video tapes are still missing, which is too bad, because it was a grand affair. But an 8 minute Rise and shine CD release party video montage that was created in the summer of 2002 by Capsule Media was just recently discovered. It features original band members Stro on bass and Jon Rose on keyboards and a very nervous Ed singing the songs Mother and Tres cool from the rise and shine CD, and also Minnie Driver and Keep moving on from the group’s next CD Sleep with you. The video closes with the band performing Better luck next time at an undisclosed venue.

October 1, 2004

Transcendence Live at Jazid DVD Released!

Transcendende Live at Jazid

On Sept 29th of this year Transcendence performed a live acoustic show at a small club called Jazid on Miami Beach during the MTV VMA weekend. The show was video taped with several cameras and recorded live from the board. What started out as a very low key impromptu show turned out to be a stellar performance with many high notes, including songs from their latest CD Sleep with you and a few songs from their soon to be released new CD Nothing is cohesive, and two additional brand new songs from the new CD they have just begun recording for release next year. Because the concert was acoustic it has a very subdued intensity that is rare for the band and really captures the songs in their purest form. The video footage was edited and the audio then digitally mastered. The DVD is being released as a limited run and will not be sold in stores initially, but through an exclusive arrangement with will be offered FREE with any purchase of one or more of the band’s CDs from You can also get the DVD free by pre-ordering the band’s new CD Nothing is cohesive. Songs on the DVD include Superhero girl, Beautiful one, I’m not the only one, Little Tree, and six more. It also features never before seen footage of the band’s 2002 CD release party for the RISE AND SHINE album, and a interactive discography!

Click here to see a few clips. Buy any Ed Hale or Transcendence CD from and get the Live at Jazid DVD absolutely free. Its that simple. Don’t own them all? Shame on you. But now is your chance. This will be a limited time offer before the DVDs go on sale officially.

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