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March 30, 2008

TRANSCENDENCE Members Lend a Hand to Newcomer Hilary McRae on Debut CD

If there is one unifying aspect that connects the individually eclectic members of the band TRANSCENDENCE, it is that all the members are passionate music lovers. Not just as creators – whether in TRANSCENDENCE or in their various spin-off solo projects – but also as listeners and fans. They may not always have the same taste or agree on everything musical, but each member is just as obsessed as the next about MUSIC in general. This collective passion seems to transcend all styles, countries, and ages. One may find it perplexing looking in for the first time on a TRANSCENDENCE rehearsal to see the group sitting around a living room floor till dawn surrounded by stacks of CDs, vinyl LPs, and iPods for hours passionately trading quips, anecdotes, and hyperbolic testimonials about “the greatest album of all time” rather than standing around with guitars strapped on running through their own set lists.

This also might explain each individual member’s interest and exploits in the musical projects of so many other artists around the world as well as the band’s own releases. (Two of the band’s members own their own labels to release the music of other artists that they love — Dippy Records and TMG Records, and the band is now forming a new label called Dying Van Gogh Records to add even more artists to their roster.)

At some point in the not too distant past TRANSCENDENCE longtime scene-mate, guitarist/producer/engineer/vocalist/songwriter Zach Ziskin who through the years has acted as everything from guitarist, background vocalist, arranger, producer, and engineer for TRANSCENDENCE discovered a young singer/songwriter named Hilary McRae whose vocals and keyboard playing he almost instantly fell in love with. Ziskin then brought McRae to the attention of TRANSCENDENCE guitarist Fernando Perdomo. [Ziskin mixed the band’s critically acclaimed 2005 CD Nothing is Cohesive and played guitar on most of the songs on the band’s new album All Your Heroes Become Villains.]

Ziskin liked what he heard in the young McRae and so did Perdomo so they agreed to produce and engineer an album for the singer. Perdomo played the basses, many of the guitars, and co-wrote the album closer, “Where Will We Be.” Ziskin as he always does engineered and produced a professional catchy and tasty pop feast of tunes that garnered attention of industry insiders quickly. The rest as they say is history. Ziskin made a few calls. McRae was picked up soon thereafter and her debut album “Through These Walls” is now out on Starbucks Hear Music records. Hilary is on tour this summer opening for Teddy Geiger. Not bad for six months worth of work.

The online pop-culture magazine Pop Culture Madness quoted in a recent review “Luckily, one can find solace in the song Where Will We Be, which is the last track on the album and the only song that was co-written by Hilary McRae and TRANSCENDENCE guitarist Fernando Perdomo. This song fits her voice brilliantly and allows her to bust out and truly satisfy her voice’s distinctive sound and style.”

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