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Brand new studio album!

July 18, 2006


A brand new music video is now available for your viewing pleasure for the song “Caetano” from the band’s current album Nothing is Cohesive. Though the song has not turned into THE radio single from the album – that spot has unequivocally gone to the album’s opening number Somebody killed the DJ – the song is often cited by fans as their favorite on the album. Many people have written in asking what Caetano is about. The song is an homage the band wrote to the great Brazilian singing legend Caetano Veloso, who the band lists as a big influence on their music. Although Caetano is not well known in America, he is an absolute legend in Brazil, Europe, and South America.

July 8, 2006


For all you RISE AND SHINE fans, a brand new series of specially designed RISE AND SHINE T-shirts have just been released. The shirts feature the eye-catching RISE AND SHINE sky-blue CD cover and are all highest quality American Apparel sweatshop-free shirts. Available in all sizes in both girls and boys styles, including super cool baseball jerseys!

Go to the merchandise section to check them out.

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July 5, 2006

New rare LIVE track available exclusively on

A new LIVE version of the song CAETANO from the band’s latest CD Nothing is cohesive has just been released exclusively through The electrifying performance of the song finds the band in top form. It was taken from their performance last year in New York at the CMJ Music Marathon. Listen to the song here (now offiline; listen here)

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July 1, 2006

Nothing Is Cohesive Released To Alt-Rock Radio

The latest TRANSCENDENCE CD, NOTHING IS COHESIVE, has just started to hit alt-rock radio stations around the country this week. The new album was the best reviewed album the band put out yet. Increased radio airplay should help the band gain more exposure to new fans. Fueled by the album’s eclectic opening tracks SOMEBODY KILLED THE DJ and I WANNA KNOW YA, the CD is already receiving heavy rotation on many top taste-maker stations. Fans that want to catch the band on their favorite local rock station can check the schedules of the “specialty shows” in their hometowns from the list below. If you want to show the band some support or just request to hear your favorite song from the album on the radio, fans can call the stations. 2004’s heavier SLEEP WITH YOU album climbed up to #23 on the charts. Here’s to NOTHING IS COHESIVE doubling that effort and going all the way to the top. Good luck guys! KACV Amarillo, TX, “Under the Radar” KATT, Oklahoma City, OK, “Spy Radio” KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, “Brave New World” KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, “Morning Becomes Eclectic” KDHX, St Louis, MO, “Juxtaposition” KDLD/Indie 103.1, Los Angeles, CA, “Dead Air” KEXP, Seattle, WA KFMA, Tucson, AZ, “Test Dept” KIWR, Omaha, NE, “New Day Rising” KKUP, San Francisco, CA, “No Pigeonholes” KLLP, Pocatello, ID, “Off the Record” KMBY, Monterrey, CA, “Buzz Cutz” KNRK, Portland, OR, “Bottom Forty” KPFT, Houston, TX “Sound Awake” KPNT, St. Louis, MO, “New Music Sunday” KROQ, Los Angeles, CA “Rodney on the Roq” KS95, Atlantic, IA, “Dirt Road Radio” KSPI, Stillwater, OK, “Rock & Roll Adventure” KTCL, Denver, CO, “Adventure University” KTCZ, Minneapolis, MN, “Freedom Rock” KTEG, Albuquerque, NM, “Underplayed” KUCI, Irvine, CA, “Play It As It Lays” KUPD, Phoenix, AZ, “The Lopsided World of L” KUSF, San Francisco, CA, “Menace’s Attic” KUSF, San Francisco, CA, “Just Another Menace Sunday” KVGS, Las Vegas, NV KXRK, Salt Lake City, UT, “Xposed”/ “O’Brien Public Radio” The Local Show Live, Worldwide RichmondIndieRadio, Worldwide, Worldwide Undiscovered/Clear Channel WRN, Syndicated, “Out of the Box” WARQ, Columbia, SC, “The Eleven O’Clock News” WAVF, Charleston, SC, “The Cutting Edge” WAVF, Charleston, SC, “Critic’s Choice” WBER, Rochester, NY, “First Impressions” WCYY, Portland, ME, “Spinout” WDYL, Richmond, VA, “Under Exposed” WFNX, Boston, MA, “First Contact” WFRD, Hanover, NH, “Uplink” WHRL, Albany, NY, “That New Music Smell” WHTG, Neptune, NJ, “The Underground” WKGB, Binghamton, NY, “Incoming” WKQX, Chicago, IL, “Crash Test Radio” WKZE, Sharon, CT, “Off the Beat-n-Path” WKZQ, Myrtle Beach, SC, “The Flight Test” WLZX, Northampton, MA, “Operation New Noise” Worldspace Satellite Radio, “Aural Fixation”, Worldwide WPGU, Champaign, IL, “Shrink Wrap” WPGU, Champaign, IL, “Off the Record” WPLA, Jacksonville, FL, “Forbidden Planet” WQKL, Ann Arbor, MI, “Left of the Dial” WQKL, Ann Arbor, MI, “Under the Radar” WQKL, Ann Arbor, MI, “Fine Tuning” WQXA, York, PA, “Sunday News” WRZX, Indianapolis, IN, “Hangover Cafe” WSFM, Wilmington, NC, “The Other Side” WXDX, Pittsburgh, PA, “Edge of the X” XM, Satellite Radio, “Radio Unsigned RADAR Report” Yahoo! Music, Worldwide

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