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Brand new studio album!

May 4, 2005

Nothing Is Cohesive now playing on college radio in a town near you

Released four weeks ago, the band’s newest disc and third release, NOTHING IS COHESIVE (TMG), hit college radio with a bang, coming in the top twenty most ADDS to rotation for the week of March 28th.

Currently in rotation on over 200 stations and charting on over 35 stations nationwide, big love is coming in from WTCC (#7), WTNU (#10), KSDB (#14), KSVR (#17), WVCW (#14), WRHU (#27) and many more. Highest chart position in the early stage is from M3 Radio in New York (debuted at #2!!! this week)

Thank you M3 radio listeners! Early song favorites are Somebody killed the DJ, I wanna know ya, and Caetano. Thank you to all the stations who are showing early support for the new CD! We know Transcendence has a different sound and we appreciate all the love! Keep on spinning!

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