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Brand new studio album!

March 30, 2005

NOTHING IS COHESIVE is receiving rave reviews.

The reviews are starting to come in and its good times in the Transcendence camp. Coming off of last year’s controversially received Sleep with you album, the band’s newest CD NOTHING IS COHESIVE is generating some stellar ink.

“A great album is like a great painting, a great wine, a great movie or a great kiss. It takes your breath away, tickles your senses, steals time and leaves you changed — maybe sad, maybe smiling, anything but indifferent. Nothing Is Cohesive is a great album. It is also one of the most aptly titled discs to cross my desk in many a moon. If you’re looking for 12 variations on the same basic theme, go buy a Nickelback album or something. This is art here folks — diverse, challenging, reckless, brilliant.” — Jason Warburg,

Ed Hale [singer] commented, “…of course we’re happy. We’re more than happy. We’re ecstatic. Because, you know, you never make an album that you don’t think is great. At least not yet. Give us a few years and I’m sure we will… but everytime we make an album and release it, we think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done, or else we wouldn’t release it. So yeah, it’s awesome to read that other people are feeling the same thing we felt about it when we were making it. Especially after Sleep with you where we just got slammed… But with NIC it was just five guys in a garage for four months and we we’re loving every minute of making that CD. That rawness comes through, I mean the fact that we didn’t even have a producer this time out, and honestly I wasn’t sure how it was going to be taken, you know, it isn’t polished up or anything. Fernando [lead guitarist] engineered it for Gods sake! But so far the music is talking more than how professional or commercial it sounds and the peeps are digging it… so… it’s good stuff. We’re really happy.”

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