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Brand new studio album!

January 30, 2003

SLEEP WITH YOU to be released July 1st and Broken Spectacles compilation coming soon

The good news is that the brand new album by Ed Hale and the Transcendence entitled Sleep With You is wrapping up and should be out by late March. As soon as final mixes are available we promise to post one or two tasty morsels for your listening enjoyment here. We are very eager to get your feedback as to which song should be the band’s first single for the new album. So stay tuned.

But for those long time fans and friends there is perhaps even bigger news and a little something to tide you over until then. TMG Records has been working on a compilation of Ed’s work with his first band, the miserably unsuccessful but popular rock group Broken Spectacles. The CD version is not out yet but all of the songs are now available for streaming or for download HERE until the collection hits the streets.

The collection of 55+ songs from this period took three years to compile and is now being prepared for a 3CD compilation called Spectacularly Broken: 1988—1994. There will be no singles released or promoted to radio and a very limited number of albums will be issued of this mammoth bit of self-indulgence.

Highlights include old favorites like “Cawood,” “21 and 17,” “Brother John,” and “Nature boy,” as well as many never before released demo-versions of tracks like “the devil loves rock and roll,” “Alison street,” “my old man,” and “afraid to get in.” It is a very open and honest albeit quirky collection of material indeed, leaving no stone unturned, certainly not for the casual listener.

The compilation also includes several snippets of the Specs being interviewed on various radio shows through the years. And numerous segments of Ed rambling incoherently about matters purely irrelevant into his cassette recorder diaries of the time. An absolute feast for fans and assuredly a nightmare for everyone else. Check out some of the songs and enjoy. We’ll let you know as soon as the album is ready for release. Until then, keep on Transcending!

January 26, 2003

New Ed Hale and the Transcendence album wraps up

The new CD the band has been working on this year has finally started wrapping up the recording process and will begin mixing on Tuesday January 28th. The new album will be titled Sleep With You and features the songs Minnie Driver, Beautiful one, and I’m not the only one, which are already staples of the band’s live shows, as well as the title cut. Expected street date is mid-March, a far cry from the three years it took for the group’s last CD release Rise and Shine. Check the site soon for some downloads of the rough mixes as they come out.

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January 23, 2003

CHAT, the new movie by Robert Seoane premieres Monday, Jan. 13th at the Tower Theatre

The movie features the songs Better Luck Next Time, The Journey and Do You Know Who You Are from the new album RISE AND SHINE.

Internet chat lines take a leading role in this film about a lonely guy’s idea to base a TV pilot about life on the ‘net. The film stars Antoni Cornacchione, Kim Ostrenko, Ru Flynn, Cherrilynn Silva and Carmen Lopez. Director Robert Seoane has won 12 Emmys. Chat is his directorial debut in feature film.

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