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Brand new studio album!

October 18, 2002

Bassist Roger Houdaille releases new solo album “ALONE AGAIN”

Technically two years in the making, the new Roger Houdaille album was essentially started and finished in a matter of days. This new release brings together a strange but compelling batch of songs, as is the usual case with Houdaille albums.

Collecting songs from various sessions and reworking some previously released material (“Mucho Caliente,” “Caroline”) adds to its variety of work and sonic quality. Guests include The BJ Experience’s BJ & Tropical Barber (Eric Hernandez), DC3’s Fernando Perdomo as well as a rare appearance by dippy artiste Frank Daddy on piano. Featuring a cover of van der Graaf/Peter Hammill’s “people you were going to” and a rare (and perhaps ill-advised) cover of BJ experience’s “Lililililu.” Title ships in slim CD case.

You can buy the album at

Track-by-track commentary by Roger:
1. Problem Stu This one I like sometimes, while other times I wish I hadn’t put it on the album. It is in reality just a demo, and I couldn’t retrack some “questionable” parts due to the missing master tape. First new song I had written in a long time and recorded.
2. Wonder Finally! This song has my full approval. The original demo version (on has its charm but this is the real thing… dig the back up vocals.
3. People You Were Going To Spur of the moment decision to record this song while taping the drum tracks with Fernando Perdomo. The first time I heard this song (Peter Hammill’s 1975 version) I loved it. Then I read the lyrics and loved it more! A truly dark, surreal love song.
4. Foreign Girls I think this is my favorite on the album. I like the backwards guitar work I did and just the chord progressions in general. Very simple yet tricky stuff in there! My type of stuff.
5. Mucho Caliente This one was featured in the Dippy Sampler 2000 in its original form. I have rerecorded the bass and vocal tracks for the CD which has improved in sonic quality as well as performance. Props go out to Eric who played drums… and nailed it! Rocks my toe-socks off (which is hard to do!)
6. You’re The Most Beautifulest Tay In The World Today Like “Mucho Caliente,” this one has the backing track the same as the previously released version (bonus track on disc two of Dancing Days/Morris Is Back CD set). I have a soft spot for this song, really like the C with E on bass intro, reminds me of George Harrison for some reason? First vocals done after heavy medication.
7. Blind Otter Karina Bermudez’s favorite song, and that’s why I chose to re-record it for this album.
8. Caroline Originally “Caroline” then converted to “Savannah” but I changed it back to “Caroline” for this version. I got rid of those thick-ass acoustic guitars too!!
9. Lililililu Personally I don’t like this. However, people tell me they’ll buy the album just for this… so I guess it justifies it’s place as track nine. Showed me that BJ is quite a vocalist to pull this one off and get away.
10. Root Canal A left-over piece by Frank Daddy which I recorded some lead and bass guitar… I love the results. Very moody yet frail, with its bad notes and out-of-tuneness.
11. Monotony I’ll stick my head out and call this my most favorite on the album. Goes by fast. Also the most newest composition on the album. Probably why I like it so.
12. Be Careful What You Wish For Couldn’t have found a more suitable closer! Tight work by Fernando Perdomo and myself. I feel uneasy about the “baby” but I figured it was its mood… cheap.

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October 8, 2002

Ed Hale to attend Peace March in Washington DC

Ed Hale of the band Ed Hale and the Transcendence just announced that he is going to attend the peace march against the war on Iraq in Washington, DC on Saturday October 26th. There are an expected 500,000 people to attend from all over the country and 250,000 to attend in San Francisco the same day. Due to a hectic work schedule, drummer Ricardo Mazzi will not be able to attend.

“Thinking of heading up to DC for this march against another war with Iraq. Expected to be over half a million show up Saturday. Bringing a guitar and a video camera and being part of it. when I think that we are about to do this and we are all just kind of hanging out living our lives “waiting to see what happens.” I feel kind of sick inside so I figured I will go and invite anyone who wants to come alongÃœit will be more fun that way, if there’s two or three or more of us.

There is a bus leaving from Miami and almost every other city to go there with other people who feel the same way about this. info is below this is pretty cool. Too bad it’s over such a shitty situation. Email me or call me if you want to come bus leaves Friday and we’ll be back by Sunday.

Or if you are somewhere else and want to meet there, cool.

Let’s do it.” Ed

Ed Hale in Washington D.C. during march
Click the photograph above to see more pictures of the event.

Click here to read transcendence diaries about this event.

More info at

IN WASHINGTON DC: Rally @ 11 am Constitution Gardens adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial 21st St & Constitution Ave. N.W. **March to the White House**

IN SAN FRANCISCO: Rally @ 11 am Justin Herman Plaza foot of Market St at Embarcadero **March to Civic Center Plaza**

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