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September 21, 2001

Ed Hale returns safely after being detained in Costa Rica due to terrorist attacks on United States

Ed Hale has returned safely home to America from Costa Rica where he was being detained until international flights were allowed into the United States after the recent terrorist attacks on September 11th, a date that will forever live in infamy in the hearts and minds of all Americans. Ed was in San Jose, Costa Rica studying Spanish and taking a break while the band awaited the release of their new album Rise and Shine. . 09/17/2001

Ed Hale detained in Costa Rica due to terrorist attacks on United States

Ed Hale, lead singer for the band Transcendence, is being detained in Costa Rica for an extended period of time due to the recent terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11th. Ed was staying at a language school in San Jose, Costa Rica to study the culture and to study Spanish while the band awaits the release of their new album recorded earlier this year. Now he is at the American Embassy in San Jose. As there are no international flights allowed into the United States, there is no word yet as to when he will be allowed to return. The day after the attacks Ed forwarded this via email:

“I am in shock as I am sure everyone there is as. I watched it happen live on television down here. And could not believe that it was really happening. I pray that everyone is safe, but I know that they are not. I have cried, hot burning tears shooting form my eyes. I have screamed and yelled and feel like vomiting. I never thought this would happen. I always dreaded it. Now all I can think of is getting home. I am at a school with a bunch of Europeans and a few Americans.

The attitude here in Costa Rica is very weird. They have no army, not even a police force, so this is very foreign to them. They are totally dependent on America for their security but they are so far removed from it that it does not seem real to them. The European students have a very “you got what was coming to you” attitude to me and the other Americans here. They refer to us as “the bullies of the world.” And at first I was so enraged all I wanted to do was violently attack anyone who said anything. It’s been very heated between us and the Europeans. Now I wonder, “when will we ever learn that we can’t just go around doing whatever we want to whatever country and not expect some sort of retaliation?” What are we going to do, just bomb anyone who gets in our way?

Now more than ever we need to rally together as a people and really make a conscious effort to create peace by any means necessary in a peaceful manner, not through war. So now here we sit in the American Embassy awaiting word on when we can come home. Some Americans were here as students; some were here on business; some were just here to fish. Now we are all in a semi-comatose state wondering how everyone is back home. New York manÞI can’t believe it. May some good come of it, I guess, is all I can say, if that is possible.

Love and peace to everyone.


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