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Brand new studio album!

March 10, 1998

TRANSCENDENCE: Ed Hale announces new band

Singer/Songwriter Ed Hale has formed a new band called Transcendence. The band is comprised of New York bassist Howard ‘Stro’ Stroman; Bolivian drummer Ricardo Mazzi; Keyboardist Jon Rose; and Acid Jazz guitarist, Duane Allen. The band is currently recording their debut album at Sunflower Studios in Hollywood, Florida with the producer, Cliff Rawnsley, Jr. The new band has a very fresh sound that incorporates more funk and world beat elements to the alternative rock style that Ed Hale is known for.

The band is very excited to be in the studio. They are hard at work completing their new album, tentatively titled Rise and Shine. It is anticipated that the new album “Ed’s first since 1996s Acoustic in New York” will contain 15 songs, featuring a futuristic modern sound with many world-music elements. Ed has traveled abroad frequently over the last few years in pursuit of new sounds to incorporate into his music. Due to his ongoing studies and travels, the vocals for the album are said to be fresh and inspired with many of the songs being sung in various languages including English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

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